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About company Caman

Our company began its work in 1992 when we bought our first sewing machine and made our first pair of shoes. And less than ten years after we have already successfully started collaborating with foreign trading companies and exporting our producible goods to the USA.

Today Caman is one of leading producers of high-class Ukrainian shoes. It should be noted that this name was not chosen by accident. It is well known that the reptile cayman is notable for its maximal quick reaction capability, reasonableness, and purposefulness. At the beginning of our way we had great purposes and were rushing to achieve them, therefore, we considered this name the most logical and capable of setting the right tone.

Professional development of Caman company

2011 was significant for our company because we completely renewed our equipment having bought Italian and German multifunctional professional hardware. On the whole, the secret of our success is based on the most important factors such as:

  • up-to-date Italian equipment;
  • high-quality raw materials;
  • conformity with modern shoe trends;
  • doubled warranty period;
  • certified production;
  • goods delivery by the best transportation providers;
  • ecologically safe cardboard package;
  • well developed discount system;
  • regular sales etc.

Achievements of our company

In order to have a look at our essential achievements in figures, the next points should be emphasized:

  • 5 chain stores were opened;
  • the annual release of 4 collections of beautiful comfortable and high-quality shoes;
  • export of our goods to 3 continents;
  • more than 400 new models;
  • in 2014, we sold 42,240 pairs of shoes (6,840 purchases were made by our customers for the second time);
  • on the average one customer spends 890 grivnas in one sale receipt.

Among the latest events of our company, we should note the launch of a line of stylish children’s shoes which lets your child feel comfortable at any weather conditions.

Advantages of our shoes

Today our personnel have more than 100 professionals, each of them carefully performs their duties, so that we can always develop and improve our production.

The most considerable features of Caman shoes:

•    availability of soles with the antiskid system;

•    membrane technologies;

•    right orthopedic inner sole form which creates all necessary conditions for healthy walking.

Interesting facts about our company

Caman is a sponsor of the Ukrainian extreme off-roader team OFFROADMASTER which took part it the International competitions beyond Polar circle in 2013. Caman’s shoes underwent the rough roads and severe climate test with dignity.

The well-known Italian technologist Meucci Ricardo regularly visits our factory. For us, this means the right vector of our company development