Стовлер | CAMAN was established in 1991, and is a leading footwear manufacturer in Ukraine. 

We design, develop, and produce leather shoes for men and women. Apart from our own brands - Caman for men and Camalini for woman - we are the trusted partner of a diverse range of clients. 

Co-creating through partnerships

We assist our clients in all steps of the production process - from idea to end-product. Our goal is to be an innovative, flexible, and reliable partner for both big and small clients. We offer a wide ranges of services, including: 

  • Development of unique four-seasonal collections of high-quality footwear
  • Manufacturing of footwear under the client’s brand - from idea to end-product
  • Exclusive selection of accessories from around the world
  • Agile and customizable design and production processes
  • Production of specialized footwear (sports shoes, branded footwear for corporations, etc.) 

Key features of our production

We offer our clients a high degree of flexibility. We have a significantly shorter production cycle than most shoe manufacturers, and we offer high-quality services no matter the size of the order. Key features include:

  • Production capacity approx. 500 pairs per day
  • Full raw material and product certification
  • Quality guarantee in accordance with EU standards
  • Consistent production technology auditing (bi-annual evaluations)
  • State-of-the-art equipment: Atom (Italy), Cerim (Italy), Ciucani (Italy), Pfaff (Germany)